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Cat Wooden Scratching Post Interactive Sisal Pet Scratching Ball

Cat Wooden Scratching Post Interactive Sisal Pet Scratching Ball

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Product Description:

This pet toy is equipped with a scratching ball which is made of natural sisal material, designed to meet your cat’s need of grinding itchy paws and fulfill its instinct. It can help protect your furniture from getting scratched when your cat is bored.

The pet scratching ball has a unique hollow design that meets the curiosity of cats by combining it with the characteristics of cats' natural love of drilling holes. The spinning sisal ball can also greatly attract the cat's attention.

It is made of solid wood and hemp rope material, recyclable, environmentally protected, and wear-resistant. Use a hard stick to connect two V-shaped pieces, pull the sword up the cat to catch the stick on the ball, put another board on the stick, and tighten the three screws on the board.

The sisal ball is not only a scratching toy but also a spinning toy for your cat to have fun with. It can even bring hours of fun to your kitten and help release its boredom when you’re not at home.



Product Specification:

Color: Brown

Material: Wood, Sisal Rope

Size: 16 x 18 x 18 cm

Ball Size: 12 cm

Weight: 350g

Function: Pet Scratching Ball



Package Inclusion:

1 x Pet Scratching Ball

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